Did you know that we are huge fans of seasonal fare here at The Food Crew? All throughout the year, we source local and fresh ingredients that are in season and make for the tastiest of dishes. We of course always choose Fair Trade when possible too. This includes breakfast, lunch and snack options – meaning that our menu often gains new additions as different foods and ingredients come into season.

order food to your office salads and seasonal fare

As the seasons change, so too does the food and ingredients on offer as certain weather conditions and times of the year make certain foods become ‘in season’. This seasonal fare can include the likes of asparagus and strawberries for example, meaning they can be at their most optimum and highest quality at certain times of the year. Our chefs simply love using these types of ingredients so that they can craft the tastiest of dishes with the freshest of flavours.

white bowl of soup showing the seasonal fare served at the food crew in sandyford including chicken and vegetables

This means that we can provide you with only the best when it comes to your food options. What’s more, if you want to extend this to your team / colleagues in your office in Sandyford – you can avail of our office catering (and free delivery) option. With our fresh food and seasonal fare, you and your friends and family are sure to love The Food Crew and all it has to offer.Located in 26 / 27 The Mall, Beacon Court, Sandyford, it is the perfect place to stop off to relax and unwind during the week!

Seasonal Fare in Sandyford

Choose The Food Crew for some of the freshest and tastiest food in Sandyford! Served in our bustling café in Sandyford – you can choose to eat in or take out. You can also get food orders delivered to your office as we have a professional catering service too!