Here we give you a look at what goes on inside The Food Crew – a popular cafe in Sandyford. From our kitchen to our counters and the seating both inside and outside our cafe in The Mall, Beacon Court; you can be assured of a vibrant environment filled with only the freshest food, tastiest treats and delicious drinks!

view of inside the food crew showing the dining area filled with tables and chairs and customers waiting in line at the till

What is our kitchen like?
The heart of what we do – our kitchen is every foodies dream! Here our chefs freshly prepare and cook your tasty treats every day with both hot and cold breakfast and lunch options to choose from. Always kept to the highest standards in terms of health, safety and hygiene; our kitchen staff are all equipped and experienced to create the best possible dishes for our customers to enjoy. We always use local and seasonal ingredients (always fair trade where possible) so our menu changes to allow us to offer the best. Yet we still always aim to have the classics to enjoy whether it be the likes of hearty bowl of porridge or a breakfast roll!

view of inside the food crew showing the hot and cold food counters and a male member of staff standing behind them

What is our counter like?
Browse our displays of freshly prepared meats and fillings to make the bap / sandwich / wrap of your dreams! You can also see our hot food options which can include the likes of burritos, lasagne and more – all freshly prepared and cooked everyday. These options are great for lunchtime as you can either sit and and enjoy or grab and go if you have somewhere to be! Why not pick up a treat at any time of day too. Maybe as a break or a pitstop if you are out on a walk or shopping, if you have that mid-afternoon slump and need a pick-me-up; or even to get something on the way home from work to enjoy!

view of inside the food crew showing staff members at the till behind a wooden counter and a customer standing in front of the food counter

What are our staff like?
On top of being qualified and experienced in terms of food hygiene, preparing and handling; one of the major requirements of being a member of The Food Crew team is that they must be hugely passionate about food! We believe that foodies at heart understand and appreciate just how important the little details are when it comes to your dining experience. So when you choose us, you can expect to be served with a smile and enjoy a friendly atmosphere and vibrant environment when you dine. If you are interested in catering for your office, ask any of our friendly staff or contact us here!

Inside The Food Crew

As you can see from above, you are sure to love your visit to The Food Crew – simply by yourself or with friends and family too! We are a passionate team of foodies who love nothing more than making your day with some delicious, fresh and flavourful food.